masaje cervical
Cervical Massage in barcelona
Benefits of Cervical Massage: Relieve Pain and Promote Relaxation The cervical region, which includes the neck and upper back, is prone to tension and stress due to the demands of everyday life, work, and even...
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Autumn treatment: hot candle massage
OUR HOT CANDLE MASSAGE Nothing is more pleasant, relaxing and therapeutic than a good body massage. For us, massage is totally preventive medicine, preventing the physical, mental and emotional body from being overloaded with tensions...
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Maderoterapia: The fantastic results of the Swedish cup
Wood Therapy, this wonderful ancient technique is currently one of the most chosen aesthetically. Its secret is the benefits achieved in a non-invasive way. Its excellent results depend on the perfect combination of the most...
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Masaje descontracturante
Natural remedies for contractures
The causes of contractures Contractures are due to repetitive movements to a sudden one. Which leads to a constant and involuntary contraction of a muscle. Consequently, in addition to causing pain, this limits the functioning...
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Promoción pedicura
Healthy feet, beautiful feet
Healthy feet, beautiful feet Our feet take us everywhere. They allow us to visit all the wonders the world has to offer. Furthermore they carry all the weight of the body daily. However, they usually...
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Espalda bonita
Back cleanser and exfoliation
The back is the part of the body that is often neglected because you cannot see it yourself. But in summer time it begins to be uncovered.  If you don't take care of it, it...
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The best gift for any moment
Ambrosía spa loves celebrations: Mother's Day, Sant Jordi's Day, Valentine's Day ... and we want to continue celebrating moments: day by day, birthday celebrations ... celebrations without more, every day is a prize and we...
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Wood therapy treatment
Spring is here! The days get longer and we fill with energy and desire to enjoy the outdoors. New projects, new ways of taking care of ourselves. Now is the perfect time to be prepared...
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masaje para embarazadas
We take care the future mom¡
The beauty and love of offering the body for the development and well-being of a new being that comes to this world, entails a series of changes in the body of the future mother that...
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Envoltura corporal
Envoltura corporal en Ambrosía spa
Body Wrap - The secret to perfect skin The body wrap, as the word itself indicates, is an aesthetic and therapeutic treatment in which the body is wrapped in a certain compound based on different...
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Aromaterapia en ambrosia spa
The profits of aromatherapy
Aromatherapy, the gift of mother nature Scents bring back memories, evoke pleasant moments, convey sensations, emotions, surround us in their magic and transport us to a world of well-being. Since ancient civilizations, both eastern and...
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Limpieza facial hombre y mujer
Facial cleansing in promotion
Facial Cleansing To have a smooth, firm, luminous and healthy-looking skin, facial hygiene is essential in our day to day. Wind, sun, cold, heat, stress, environmental pollution, alcohol, an unbalanced diet, hormones, etc., all these...
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