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The beauty and love of offering the body for the development and well-being of a new being that comes to this world, entails a series of changes in the body of the future mother that deserve and require a series of care.

Among the most noticeable changes are hormonal, postural, and evident at the skin level. On the skin: In pregnancy, a distention of the skin is generated, natural from the process itself. This fact, together with the production of corticosteroids, which cause an alteration in its elasticity, can easily give rise to stretch marks and / or cellulite. Therefore, correct internal and external hydration are absolutely essential. The oil for the massage always has to be natural, without essences since some can be harmful to pregnancy. At ambrosía spa we use almond oil, a highly nourishing and long-lasting oil in the massage.


As the baby grows, the body of the future mother adapts. Now you have more weight in the front, change the center of gravity of the body and the spine adopts a position in order to always maintain balance and at the same time, offer a space of well-being for development. In the future breast, this fact usually gives rise to back pain, mainly lumbar. Decontracting and relaxing massage is the best option to relieve muscle tension caused by body changes: lumbar massage, back massage, cervical massage …

Hormonal changes:

Fluid retention and a feeling of heaviness, mainly in the legs and feet, is common in pregnancy and is due to various causes, such as hormonal changes, pressure from the enlarged uterus on some veins, and the release of placental and fetal substances. The circulatory massage in the legs will cause an immediate relief of the heaviness, since the ascending massage will cause a blood movement and an activation of the circulation.

Although possibly less obvious, mood swings brought on by the hormonal changes themselves are quite common and natural. One can go from laughing to crying in a moment, you can feel anxiety, nervousness, fear, euphoria … Therefore, creating an atmosphere of harmony and well-being is essential for the care of the mother and the baby.

For all this, at Ambrosía spa we want to collaborate with the well-being of the future mother and her baby. We have 2 exclusive star treatments for future mothers:

Pre-mom massage: This is really a totally personalized massage since it adapts to the needs of the mother as her body changes. Relieves back pain, the feeling of heaviness in legs and feet, deeply hydrates the skin with neutral biological oils and transmits deep calm and well-being. From 16 weeks

Future mom ritual: In this exclusive 90-minute treatment, in addition to a careful, fully personalized full body massage, we add a unique personalized facial, with Dr Babor products, carefully chosen for the care and pampering of the future mother’s skin.

This month we dedicate it to future breasts and offer a 15% discount on pre-breast services.

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