Envoltura corporal en Ambrosía spa

Envoltura corporal

Body Wrap – The secret to perfect skin

The body wrap, as the word itself indicates, is an aesthetic and therapeutic treatment in which the body is wrapped in a certain compound based on different plants and essential oils, in order to take advantage of its active principles deriving in different benefits according to needs. Wraps have been used since ancient times and thanks to their different benefits both for the appearance of the skin as an intensifier of a deep state of well-being and relaxation, they are increasingly used in wellness and beauty rituals. There are multiple results, depending on the compound of the wrap, it can be: firming, soothing, rejuvenating, anti-cellulite, activating circulation or deep hydration, wraps always surprise with their wonderful results at all levels.

The best way to really get the most out of the benefits of a clay or cosmetic body wrap is to do a body scrub first. Exfoliation removes, on the one hand, excess dead cells accumulated on the surface of the skin and, on the other, heats the skin and opens the pore, which allows you to really benefit from the active principles of the product that will be used in the wrap.  In a body ritual, the body scrub is always combined with the wrap.

At Ambrosía spa we have several Rituals in which we work with wraps. Here we detail some of them:

Cleopatra Ritual: In this delicious Ritual, the exotic body wrap includes essential oils of myrrh and lavender, whose combination, in addition to being deeply relaxing, helps to deeply nourish dry and wrinkled skin, as well as acne problems, quickly improving the appearance and skin health. For more details on this exotic Ritual visit the link https://ambrosiaspabcn.com/tratamiento/ritual-spa-mujeres-cleopatra/

Rose Ritual: This time the Rosehip wrap acts as a powerful cell regenerator and deeply moisturizing. One of the most effective in case of stretch marks, scars, spots on the skin. It not only prevents but also corrects photo aging. Being rich in essential fatty acids, rosehip acts as a regulator of skin elasticity and balances skin hydration. If you want to know more details about this Ritual visit the link https://ambrosiaspabcn.com/tratamiento/tratamiento-de-spa-ritual-de-la-rosa/

Delice D’orange Ritual: In this wonderful Ritual from our urban spa we offer a wrap full of vitamin C, total anti-aging, the excellent option not only to revitalize and energize the skin, but also the mood. A fresh aroma that conveys well being and joy. At the skin level, the properties of the Orange wrap are multiple: firming, rejuvenating, anti-cellulite, and it also helps eliminate fluid retention and relieve muscle and joint pain. For more details about this Ritual visit the link https://ambrosiaspabcn.com/tratamiento/ritual-spa-rico-vitaminas-delice-dorange/

Anti-cellulite ritual: Thanks to its draining, anti-oxidant and slimming properties, the green tea wrap is the ideal wrap for an anti-cellulite ritual. Due to its theine content, it stimulates and favors the elimination of accumulated fat and toxins in the body, freeing the body of the appearance of “orange peel”. On the other hand, its anti-oxidant properties activate circulation and offer a rejuvenated and luminous appearance. For more details about this Ritual visit the link https://ambrosiaspabcn.com/tratamiento/ritual-anticelulitico/

Time Ritual: In the King of Rituals, you choose between 3 options: The Lavender wrap, the Amber wrap or the Orange wrap.

With the orange wrap you receive an extra dose of vitamin C, to revitalize skin and mood. Ideal for stressed, lifeless and aged-looking skin.

If you choose the exquisite Amber wrap, its lipolytic properties help eliminate localized fat and relieve tension. In addition, it calms the mind, promotes positive energy and recharges the tired and stressed psyche.

With the Lavender wrap, you will acquire relaxation on all levels. On a mental level, through its aroma it provides a deep sense of relaxation and well-being. At the skin level, it quickly calms the symptoms of stress on the skin, such as itching, irritation, dryness. If your skin needs rest, this is the wrap that will pamper it.

If you want to know more about this Ritual visit the link https://ambrosiaspabcn.com/tratamiento/tratamiento-spa-ritual-de-tiempo/

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