Facial cleansing in promotion

Limpieza facial hombre y mujer

Facial Cleansing

To have a smooth, firm, luminous and healthy-looking skin, facial hygiene is essential in our day to day. Wind, sun, cold, heat, stress, environmental pollution, alcohol, an unbalanced diet, hormones, etc., all these factors contribute to the accumulation of impurities in the pores, preventing the skin from breathing correctly resulting in a dull, non-uniform and lifeless look.

Therefore, to recover and maintain healthy and natural skin, it is essential, above all, to add to your daily routine of skin cleansing. A daily facial hygiene ritual certainly helps fight against the accumulation of facial impurities, but a professional facial cleansing will be the one that deeply decongests the pores, restores and balances the levels of hydration and oil, and oxygenates and restores the luminosity and health the skin.

The frequency with which professional facial hygiene should be performed varies depending on skin type, grooming habits, age, and personal needs. But without a doubt, we recommend performing a facial cleaning at least 4 times a year, at each change of season, it would be adequate to help restore the health of the skin so that it is better prepared against the natural external aggressions typical of each season and thus, also prevent premature aging of the skin.

At Ambrosía spa, we pamper the skin with good specialists and we offer you two types of facial hygiene:

Basic facial cleansing

This includes extraction, with or without steam, depending on the individual needs of the skin and is carried out with high-quality biological products that act deeply, eliminating impurities and providing hydration. We work with both products from the Morjana house and the Babor house, both 100% natural and no aggressive for the skin.

The complete treatment consists of 7 steps: Facial cleansing with oil and herbal bio foam, gentle peeling, application of steam or enzymatic peeling, as the skin requires, extraction, relaxing and hydrating massage, purifying, soothing and disinfectant mask and final cream.

All products carefully chosen according to your skin type.

Facial cleansing plus

For the most sensitive and/or demanding skin we offer this facial cleansing plus. Performed according to the German method of the Babor house, in addition to the steps described in basic facial cleansing, we include one more step. A reactivating skin treatment and active serum with multivitamin oxygen, collagen or hydra plus, according to individual needs.

Both types of facial hygiene are indicated for both men and women since we use the best Dr. Babor and Morjana products, some especially suitable for male skin and others for female skin. Our estheticians will offer you recommendations for daily use so that you always look healthy skin. Let us take care of you and enjoy your beauty. Reserve now and get -15% of discount only during december¡