La piel después del verano

During the summer we spend much more time outdoors, our skin is more exposed to the sun, wind and other aggressions, such as chlorine in swimming pools. All of these factors dry out the skin, causing it to crack easily, and appear aged and possibly with spots or wrinkles. Hydration and nutrition of the skin are absolutely essential so that it can regain its balanced and rejuvenated appearance.

There are two complementary modes, essential and that must be mutually accompanied so that the skin regains an appearance free of imperfections.

One is through food. A balanced diet, which includes fruits, such as grapes and oranges and pomegranates, which provide antioxidants, as well as vegetables and fish that promote the assimilation of vitamin C and the production of collagen.

The other way is an intensive skin care, through beauty and hygiene routines that guarantee well-being, recovery and regeneration of the healthy and balanced appearance of the skin. We have created specific beauty and wellness rituals for the maximum care of dry skin. We carefully choose the products we use, working only with brands that guarantee absolute skin care in a natural and ecological way and whose products used in their manufacture are, by nature, those that have the most nutritious active ingredients of all.

We organize the Rituals so that, in each step, we respect the natural process that the skin requires for its authentic regeneration. Our Rituals for dry skin, range from the fastest and most effective such as the TROPICANA RITUAL, based on Aloe Vera and Avocado, both with soothing and nourishing properties, for the skin, more damaged by the sun, to the more regenerative Rituals, such as DELICE D’ORANGE based on vitamin C, highly rejuvenating and nutritious. In addition to the specific skin care and recovery treatment, our Rituals always include a relaxing body massage that not only induces a deep sensation of general well-being, but also gently stimulates blood circulation, which facilitates absorption into the skin. , of the nutritional and soothing factors of the natural products used. A wellness ritual becomes essential at the end of the summer. Get into the new fall routine, with rejuvenated skin and a feeling of calm and well-being.