Los beneficios del masaje con piedras calientes

Today we want to talk about this magnificent therapeutic massage where the decontracting massage is combined with the energetic massage of hot stones: HOT STONES THERAPY

This professional massage helps to create balance not only in the physical but also in everything related to emotions and thoughts. Thanks to the placement of the hot stones in the chakras, it helps to flow the energy, offering health and body biestar.

Who is it for? The treatment is ideal for all people who want to eliminate toxins, reduce stress and relax the mind. Age and sex don’t matter.

How is the treatment performed? At Ambrosía spa we use specific natural river stones for treatment, RIVESTONE THERAPY. Mineral geotherapy is a therapy in which natural minerals are believed to help rebalance inner energy. The client will feel the heat of the stones, while the masseuse slides them with the correct technique through the body: backs, abdomen, legs, feet … and ends up placing them in the appropriate energy points causing a body energy charge and general well-being.

The professional therapists of Ambrosía spa will gently glide the stones with the help of mineral-rich oils and trace elements, combining the movements of the stones, with manual decontracting massage.

The statically placed stones stimulate the chakras and body energy points.

On the other hand, when they slide, they cover the most physical aspects such as promoting blood and lymphatic circulation, or calming muscle and joint discomfort. It is important to place the stones on the muscles avoiding the joints or bones.

If you receive the treatment from the hands of authentic professionals, you will notice immediate relief from muscle pain and total body relaxation. At Ambrosia Spa, we have the right tools and staff to take care of you and relax.