Wood therapy treatment


Spring is here! The days get longer and we fill with energy and desire to enjoy the outdoors. New projects, new ways of taking care of ourselves. Now is the perfect time to be prepared for Summer. The perfect time to take care of our body. It is the perfect time to receive a wood therapy treatment at Ambrosía spa.

What is Wood Therapy?

An ancient oriental technique in which a vigorous massage is combined with wooden utensils. Originally this technique was created for therapeutic purposes. Through the use of different wooden objects during the massage, it is possible to reduce muscle tension, relieve muscle pain and balance energy, reducing stress and providing relaxation.

Over time, wooden utensils have been improved, providing more variety, with different sizes and shapes to add different functions, especially body remodeling with wood therapy, powerful firming and anti-cellulite treatment, while maintaining the basic principles of a technique with benefits more than proven. Being wood therapy a natural method that jointly provides therapeutic, relaxing and aesthetic results. What does it consist of? Each session of Wood Therapy begins with a manual massage, which goes from gentle to vigorous and allows the skin and muscles to be prepared for the chosen treatment. Essential oils whose active principles are suitable are then combined to collaborate in obtaining the desired results and the massage is carried out with the wooden accessories.

A Complete treatment lasts several sessions that can range from 6 to 12 sessions depending on the work to be done.

What are the benefits?

-Eliminates cellulite and localized fat

-Improves sagging, rejuvenates and softens the skin

-Flatten the belly and lift the buttocks

-Reduce sizes in defined areas

-Moulds tired or heavy legs

-Tones the muscles and is a powerful muscle relaxant.

Why choose Wood therapy treatment?

Because it is natural, non-invasive, balances energy, and provides authentic results at the level of body remodeling, firming and in the elimination of cellulite.

If you are looking for real results, in a natural way, at Ambrosía spa we have a truly trained team dedicated to offering the best results with the therapy you choose.

Come and try a session and we will advise you on the most suitable program so that you achieve the desired results.

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