Kobido massage: a natural facial lifting

Masaje Kobido

An ancient traditional therapy, reserved in ancient times, for the Japanese emperors and empresses, preserved to this day, without a doubt it is a proven treasure and considered one of the best non-invasive facial massage techniques in terms of rejuvenation results facial.

Our letter of introduction to others is our face, and of course, in it hide our social tensions, desires, frustrations, intentions and a myriad of emotions.

Rapid, intense and light movements at the same time, such as the “fluttering of a butterfly”, produce a neurosendant effect, which on the one hand relaxes all social / emotional tension and on the other, relaxes the facial muscles at the same time activate blood circulation.

Each area of ​​the face is carefully worked, sometimes with more intensity, moving the muscles, and sometimes, in order to move only the fascia. The stimulation of self-generation capacity is thus gently stimulated. This rejuvenation work includes not only facial massage, but also neck, cervical, and cranial massage.

After the manual massage phase, per se, several facial and cranial energy points are activated that induce not only a well-being and a state of deep relaxation, but also an activation at an energy and cellular level that directly collaborates with the ability to self regeneration of being.

The activation of these points, through the Shiatsu technique, contributes directly to the improvement of the appearance of the activated / pressed zone and, as reflex points, to the well-being of various organs throughout the body. Since all the skull / facial work has put both the circulatory and lymphatic systems in motion, the therapy ends with a brief facial lymphatic drainage, thus helping to eliminate