Meditation in Ambrosía Spa

Relajación, calma la mente, calma tu cuerpo

For those who go through these moments with more anxiety, and for those who like to create more silence within, for those who want to be calmer and more present with their own experience, for those who want to take advantage of and realize the tensions in your body / mind and want to feel better, lighter, less stressed, MEDITATION is a gift

Regardless of whether one has meditated before or not, concentration on the breath is undoubtedly a very useful technique that offers multiple benefits.

It developes presence, tranquility, attention. It decreases stress levels. And, consequently, it strengthens the immune system. Mental agitation expends enormous amounts of energy. We spend less energy on internal agitation, and therefore have more energy available to maintain organic balance. We realize the flexibility inherent in the present moment.

Putting the mind into the breath removes it from stress and anxiety, and therefore lowers its levels. A simple and intelligent gesture of kindness and health towards oneself. Breathing is always present in our experience and therefore, as an object of concentration it is very practical.

The technique is very simple. One simply sits on a cushion or chair, with the spine straight, but without tension. Equidistant hands, resting on the lap. The chin is slightly lowered as if to help the spine be straight to the top of the head. We sit straight, but without tension. And we stay still, calm, without moving, just realizing our own natural breathing, how the air enters and leaves, Nothing else, without forcing our breath. Whenever the mind goes behind discursive thoughts (those in which we speak within ourselves) or movement (those in which we imagine situations, colors, etc.), we simply become aware and gently return to the breath.

There is nothing else to do, nothing to solve, nothing to understand, nothing to analyze. Learning to be only with the natural experience of breathing and the body is to train the mind to be in the present moment.

Living the situation with the utmost calm will create a more peaceful, balanced environment. An act of generosity in difficult times.