Natural remedies for contractures

Masaje descontracturante
The causes of contractures

Contractures are due to repetitive movements to a sudden one. Which leads to a constant and involuntary contraction of a muscle. Consequently, in addition to causing pain, this limits the functioning of the muscle and the harmonious and balanced movement of various other muscles in the body.

There are many types of contractures, due to very different causes and, therefore, requiring different forms of treatment. Not only athletes suffer contractures.

Either by leading a too sedentary life, or by spending many hours in inappropriate postures, or because we live under stress and make sudden movements, whether we carry weight continuously, or a lot of weight at once without preparing the muscle, all these factors and a few more can also cause contractures.

In addition, taking into account that the body and the mind are not separated, and, therefore, the body is not separated from the emotions and thoughts, it is easy to see how these factors are the cause and / or collaborate in the appearance of the different physical tensions that we accumulate and that end up resulting in contractures.

Stress and anxiety are quite common causes of muscle stiffness, thus forcing the body to remain in improper posture continuously. And since no system in our body / mind is independent of the others, contractures, whatever their origin, end up affecting different parts of the body that, with the aim of adapting and balancing the body as best as possible to the situation, creates new tensions (so as not to overload the painful area).

The decontracting massage

Decontracting massage is the most effective, organic, pleasant and healthy way to deal with contractures. And not just contractures.

Relieving muscle tension and relaxing, consequently blood circulation is activated, it frees the lymphatic system, thereby helping to eliminate toxins. Also, by relaxing, it helps you sleep better. As we have mentioned, body and mind are not separated and, in cases of contractures related to stress and anxiety, it helps to release “stuck” emotions in any area of ​​the body.

Helps eliminate headaches related to cervical tension, or excess toxins in the body.

The decontracting massage is also moisturizing, since it helps to eliminate dead cells from the whole body that is massaged while nourishing due to its slow and intense movements made with biological oils.

Three useful natural remedies to help with the decontracting process.

Whenever a muscle is tense, contracted, warm localized showers are advisable to help relax the muscles.

On the other hand, it is important to always be well hydrated, since water provides essential minerals for the well-being of the muscles. A dehydrated body is more likely to create contractures.

And finally, the Tiger Balm is super useful. A true treasure when it comes to treating contractures, an oriental ointment made from herbal ingredients. This ancient ointment (used forever in Chinese medicine) is very useful mainly, but not only, for muscle and joint pain, but also for mild headaches, and to help calm coughs when the chest is congested.