Rules of the Spa

Silence please

At Ambrosia Spa we take care of all the details

In Ambrosia spa we take care of every detail: a selected decoration, most profesional therapists, wide offer on treatments and, most of all, silence. Required components to create the environment of peace and well being that our clients are looking for.

For this, it is convenient:
  • Do not talk on the phone.
  • Turn off or silence your phone.
  • If you want to talk with your couple or with the massager, do it in soft voice so that other clients don’t get disturbed.
  • Do not make strong, loud or annoying sounds.
  • It is not allowed to smoke in the spa
  • Do not come to the spa with children nor animals.

Your cooperation is of great importance in order to guarantee and keep the mutual well being.



We do recommend that you arrive 10 minutes before the booked timing in order to be able to star the service on time.

The timing of the service will start counting from the moment the therapist starts working on you, never before. In case you arrive late to your appointment, the masseuse might need to realize a shorter service in order to not alter the following bookings.

The manager will ask you some previous questions before the massage to check which is the treatment you would like to enjoy as well as details, as pressure, best areas to work on, etc. If there is any issue, injury or you are pregnant, please inform the manager in advance in order to take the appropriate measure.


Cancellation or modification of the booking

We do only accept cancellations or modifications on a booking, if it is made with a minimum of 24 hours in advance.


Non- attendance

The non- attendance to a booking will be considered as performed service. In the case of a voucher, the voucher will be marked as used.


Complaints for oil stains

We do not take responsibility on stains for oil. In Ambrosia spa we have showers, soap and towels so that you can clean and dry yourself after the massage and remove all remains of body oil.


Clothing and Hygiene

At the arrival to Ambrosia spa, it will be offered to you a pair of disposable slippers. You will use them in our spa to avoid the noise of shoes in the ground and the street dirt.Your shoes will remain in a closet in reception.

In Ambrosia spa we give all you may need to enjoy any massage or treatment: disposable underpant or panties, caps, towels…you don’t need to bring anything from home.