SHIATSU: Tu gran aliado

Masaje shiatsu barcelona

What is Shiatsu?

Oriental massage techniques are true ancient treasures that are part of the holistic treatment with which Traditional Chinese Medicine, its Japanese variant Kampo, Ayurveda (traditional Hindu Medicine), among others, treat and care for the human being. They are holistic treatments because each one includes a care of the being in all its aspects, physical, mental, emotional, energetic. Thus, it is described in the East, a whole network of subtle internal channels in the organism, called meridians, which connect the different aspects of being, organs and functions. This network of subtle channels runs throughout the body and presents natural rhythms or variations in these rhythms that describe any disharmony in the body and mind. Working on them, through different techniques applied to the body, directly influences the rhythm of the meridians and their functions, so that it collaborates with the restoration of general well-being. Among the massage techniques that work directly with the meridians, one of the most recognized worldwide for its excellent results is Shiatsu. A massage widely applied in Japan and China and that has more and more followers all over the world.

Body shiatsu

In Shiatsu, as in traditional Thai, Balinese and Tuina massage, all work is carried out in order to unblock tensions, release blockages, undo contractures, in order to restore the free flow of energy, as well as blood and lymphatic . All tension / blockage in the body, if it is not released, ends up affecting an increasingly wide area on a physical level and, consequently, on a mental / emotional level as well. In the same way, stress and other emotional tensions lead to mental rigidity that ends up being transferred to the body, causing contractures, insomnia, agitation, bruxism, poor digestion and endless symptoms.

Thus, the balancing, stretching, releasing maneuvers combined with the pressure of the key points of influence and unlocking in the meridians, throughout the entire body, are a skillful and pleasant method of harmonizing and working all aspects of the being, quickly relieving symptoms related to physical blockages, while providing a quick feeling of well being. Shiatsu is very effective in the treatment of contractures, muscle tension in the back, neck, shoulders, legs, lumbar pain, blockage in the hips. It also quickly reduces stress levels so it helps to rest better, decreases the feeling of fatigue, muscle load. In Ambrosía spa some masseurs usually introduce in traditional massages such as relaxing or decontracting massage small brushstrokes of the shiatsu technique to relieve muscle tension. But if you want to go deeper into the technique, we encourage you to try the balancing massage, a perfect combination where the energy will flow freely through body and mind. Book your spa treatment now.