Healthy feet, beautiful feet

Promoción pedicura
Healthy feet, beautiful feet

Our feet take us everywhere. They allow us to visit all the wonders the world has to offer. Furthermore they carry all the weight of the body daily.

However, they usually receive very little care. Most of the year locked in shoes or sneakers, with synthetic socks most of the time. The skin dries, cracks, the continuous friction hardens the skin. No other part of the body deserves as much pampering and care as our feet.

Now, with the arrival of summer, it is the perfect moment to let them to breathe. Therefore the ideal time to show them off.

And, although the feet should not be neglected at any time of the year, this is undoubtedly the time when pedicures become indispensable. At Ambrosia spa we pamper your feet with our complete pedicure, we take care of them, and we relax you.

It is not only therapeutic, restorative and beautifying, but totally anti-stress.

Our complete pedicure

Begins with a bath and exfoliation of your feet, to remove the accumulation of dead skin and prepare the skin to receive all the appropriate treatment. The accumulation of dead skin can lead to corns or corns, which in the long run can be annoying as well as unsightly.

To proceed with the polishing of the durices, it is necessary to moisten the feet for 5 minutes in the water to soften the skin. Subsequently, with a pumice stone or file, the excess dead skin is removed.

We proceed with a pedicure in which we take care of each of the details, both at the level of the skin and nails and cuticles.

The cuticles are responsible for keeping germs out, that is why it is so important to take care of them. They should not be cut too much or thrown too far back since without them the infection in our nails is assured.

To finish, our professional will offer a deeply hydrating massage with Sultan de Saba shea, which will leave your skin soft and very relaxed.

Otherwise if you want a bit of color, try one of our eco-friendly nail polishes.

Our ecological polishes do not damage your nails in addition to offering a more polished and elegant image. But do not forget that your nails need to breathe and it is necessary to leave them unglazed from time to time so that they become stronger again.

Prepare your feet for the summer. An ideal way to feel good.

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