The best gift for any moment

Ambrosía spa loves celebrations: Mother’s Day, Sant Jordi’s Day, Valentine’s Day … and we want to continue celebrating moments: day by day, birthday celebrations … celebrations without more, every day is a prize and we love to be part of your joys.

Therefore, we encourage you to pamper yourself for no reason. Whether you are boy, girl, sir, lady, even children with mom. Ambrosía opens the door to take care of you, pamper yourself, and celebrate one more day. There are many men who call us with the doubt of whether they will get the gift right. And our answer is a BOTTOM YES.

Giving wellness is the best gift for everyone, a gift that offers health, relaxation, beauty, tranquility, maximum care and lots of pampering. Moments of inner and corporal peace to live them alone or with the best company. We all deserve a unique moment! And at Ambrosia spa we want to encourage you to live it.

For them we want to help you offer the perfect gift and we offer you a 10% discount on the purchase of a gift voucher with any service to celebrate ANOTHER MORE SPECIAL DAY.

We offer you some suggestions:

Facial treatments: Among the facial treatments, the Kobido facial massage is the most chosen among our clients. In it, you begin by relaxing shoulders and neck so that all facial tension can be eliminated much more gently. This is a massage that stimulates blood circulation while relaxing and eliminating all facial muscle tension. A part of cranial massage is also done. Then a facial and cranial Shiatsu is performed, in order to work all the energy points that activate the production of collagen and elastin and relax. It is finished with a facial drain to help remove all toxins.

Body massages: The combined massage, which combines relaxation and anti-stress techniques with those that relaxes. It is undoubtedly the preferred one.  It is a massage performed with hot oils, flavored with essential oils that will be chosen according to the client’s preferences. If you add a topping to this, which can be an express facial, a foot reflexology, a body scrub, or even a jacuzzy or Hamman service.  Without a doubt, you will enjoy a unique moment of total renewal and well-being.

Hot stone massage is another favorite among our customers. It is a very relaxing massage that allows you to work your muscles deeply and eliminate all tension without exerting too much force. Heated stones help relax muscles, allowing deeper work to be done more easily.

Well-being rituals: Without a doubt one of our fantastic Rituals is the perfect gift. A service of two hours or 90 minutes, totally dedicated to your well-being and beauty. They include everything from body scrubs, super nourishing wraps, essential oil baths, facials, and a hydrating and relaxing / decontracting full body massage.

In all our Rituals we work with aromatherapy, so each Ritual creates, with its delicious aromas, a unique atmosphere that floods us with pleasant and relaxing sensations.

The favorites?

The Delice d’Orange Ritual: 90 minutes of vitamin C, deep nourishment for dry or aging skin. At the aromatherapy level, citrus fruits evoke spring, provide energy, joy and clear the mind. Includes body scrub, nourishing wrap, anti-aging facial express and full body nourishing massage.

Ritual de la Rosa: 2 hours of beauty and relaxation. Throughout the treatment we use the best products made from the essential oil of Bulgarian rose. The queen of essences in terms of anti-aging, rejuvenating and feminine treatments. Includes body scrub, nourishing rosehip and Bulgarian rose wrap, bath of salts and essential oils. At which time we serve a cava or infusion and chocolates and a rejuvenating full body massage. In addition to these suggestions, we invite you to visit our website as we have endless appetizing options that suit all preferences.

Let your gift pamper the person you want, it will be a nice way to show your love!