The profits of aromatherapy

Aromaterapia en ambrosia spa

Aromatherapy, the gift of mother nature

Scents bring back memories, evoke pleasant moments, convey sensations, emotions, surround us in their magic and transport us to a world of well-being. Since ancient civilizations, both eastern and western, the use of aromatherapy was widely used, in environments to create pleasant atmospheres, in aromatic baths, in massages, and even as medicine or to embalm bodies. Aromatherapy is based on the use of essential oils from different plants, herbs and flowers, whose aromas help to increase physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. Once the aromas of the different plants are inhaled, the olfactory receptors are in charge of sending the information to an area of ​​the brain called the “Limbic System”.

This is a system made up of different parts responsible for the physiological and emotional responses of our body / mind. Thus, different aromas stimulate the release of different chemicals in the brain, actively participating in the release of different emotions and moods. For all this, at Ambrosía spa we are super fans of aromatherapy. In each of our spa treatments, be they massages or beauty rituals, we always include the use of essential oils, used according to aromatic properties.

Our aromatherapy basics are 3:

Lavender: the essential relaxing aroma par excellence. Lavender has a calming and balancing fragrance, physically and emotionally, very useful to calm anxiety disorders, insomnia, and muscular tension caused by stress. At the skin level, it helps soothe stress-related skin problems, as well as helps to restore balance in oily skin.

Citrus: we offer a body oil with essential oils where we combine different citrus fruits, a base of orange, orange flower and lemon, fragrances revitalize mind and body, help to relax tensions and sad and negative feelings, ward off melancholy, and transmit joy. In addition to being very nutritious for the skin due to vitamin C.

Rosemary and arnica: Arnica is the essential oil used for muscle aches par excellence and combined with Rosemary they are the perfect team to relieve inflammation of the tissues, calming pain. In addition, rosemary helps to unblock, cleanses energetically and helps provide mental clarity. We use many other essential oils, specifically combined for each Ritual according to properties.

At Ambrosía spa, before entering a service, we will offer you a tasting of aromas.

The essential oil chosen will be used with hot oils, which open the molecules and activate the properties of the aroma. The magic of the aromas, combined with a therapeutic massage, be it relaxing, decontracting, Balinese, combined, or of any other kind, in an oasis of tranquility, with soothing ambient music, are, without a doubt, the perfect combination for a unforgettable moment of deep well-being and relaxation.