Autumn treatment: hot candle massage


Nothing is more pleasant, relaxing and therapeutic than a good body massage. For us, massage is totally preventive medicine, preventing the physical, mental and emotional body from being overloaded with tensions that, too often end up leading to various ailments, stress, anxiety …

Our body is our temple, our mandala, the vehicle with which we enjoy the incredible experience of life. But this reason it is important to take care of it and pamper it. And now, in the first cold days, it is the ideal time to enjoy this kind of pleasant massage with hot candle.

With this massage, from the first moment, the constant temperature of the hot oils in the candle, induce muscle relaxation much faster than with other techniques.


With a combined base of organic coconut and mango oils (intensely hydrating) we offer three types of scented candles:

To the essence of rose :  Anti aging, regenerative, softens the skin. Especially indicated for dry skin.

To the scent of lavender : absolutely calming. Indicated for all stress-related skin problems Rosemary and arnica

Analgesic effect: Indicated to calm pain, mainly of muscular origin.

In our handmade candles, organic oils are treated in such a way that they have the ideal density to perfectly fulfill a double function:

-A truly deeper hydration and as such longer lasting. Very advisable for dry and damaged skin.

-They help the therapist’s hands slide through each of the muscles without slipping, allowing for greater precision and therefore better results by eliminating any muscle tension and treating localized contractures.

Add the warm candle to any of the treatments we offer for just 10eur more.

Or enjoy our autumn promotion: One-hour candle massage for € 65.

All our clients who have tried the candle massage cannot try anything else. In addition, if you wish, we offer candles for sale to the public, as a treatment to perform massages at home, or as a decoration. 100% natural candles Your body will appreciate it. Your skin will show it off