Skinovage Vitalizing Serum babor


Stress or emotional burdens, and also environmental influences like UV radiation, blue light, or pollution, often make the skin look tired, exhausted, and dull. Often dull, rough and uneven in appearance and with loss of elasticity, vitality and strength. The skin lacks the energy to fight harmful environmental influences and to allow the skin’s regeneration process to function optimally. As a result, it lacks resistance to external stressors and ages faster. The ENERGY Plus complex in combination with the Perfection complex revitalizes the skin, supports the regeneration of the skin and Blue Light Protect protects it against digital aging. Perfection Peptides break down the protein bridges of higher cells in ways that promote the renewal process for smoother skin. The EpigenTech Power peptide ensures epigenetic anti-aging prevention and strengthens cells. How to use: Apply on clean face, after applying the 2-in-1 tonic. After the serum, apply your most suitable moisturizer.

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